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Aveiro - Portugal

Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice, is located in the Portuguese sub - region of 'baixo vouga'.
Its buildings, Noveaux Art style, and the life quality combined with a favorable urban mobility give it the title of one of the most delightful destinations in Portugal.

But let's get to it:

What to see?
- Museum of Aveiro.
- Cathedral of Aveiro.
- Be sure to stop by the University of Aveiro and visit the library designed by Siza Vieira.
- Visit the old Factory Fields, nowadays, cultural congress center.

What to do?
- Strolling in the estuary by 'moliceiro' (boat originally used for harvesting the seaweed and nowadays used mostly for tourism purposes) .
- Strolling through the city by BUGA ( bikes of the municipality).

Where to eat?
- Go to the fish square, a place that houses the fish Market, and there are plenty of restaurants with fresh fish.
- Taste the traditional sweet'ovos moles', in a traditional café. 
- If you do not like soft eggs , try an american cookie or Aveiro's gut. You will not regret!
- Drink a tea at 'Casa de Chá do Museu Arte Nova' , and let yourself be transported in time, with the striking decor of the belle époque.

However, if you want to go to Ilhavo, be sure to visit the museum of Vista Alegre, meet the Barra Lighthouse, stroll along the Costa Nova and eat a custard tart at 'Café Atlántida'.

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