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Hotel - Best Price

If you are looking for a hotel where to stay on your next trip , but your budget is limited or you want to get a more comfortable hotel for the same price you would pay for a simpler hotel , especially if you are not averse to the risk then Hotwire.com or Priceline.com are your solution .
Priceline.com and Hotwire.com are two sites for hotel reservations, car and flight ticket, but focused mainly to hotels " opaque "deals. 

Hotwire :

In hotwire, the hotel price is already determined , but the client does not know which hotel that the site offers. The site shows the hotels with its value , without specifying its name only identifies the geographical area and the number of stars ( = evaluation of customers and not self - rating of the hotels ). It is important to read the information about customer recommendation and evaluation of Tripadvisor.com readers .

Example: I search for a hotel in Madrid between the 3rd and 6th of May , 2014 The first hotel that results of the research is described this way : ".Madrid Barajas Airport area hotel , 5 * , € 178 , recommended in 95 % of Hotwire customers reviews " and one of these chains: Le meridien, the Luxury Collection, Intercontinental and others .
Usually, the breakfasts is not included in the booking price. It is essential to know the area where you want to stay. After the reservation, you will know the name of the selected hotel .


Priceline is a auction hotels, here you define how you want to spend , the area where you want to stay and the stars . The bet always refers to a double room. It is possible to reach discounts up to 60 % of the value quoted on other websites . However, this will depend on demand at that moment . If the bet user is not accepted, you can just try again to the same area and category of hotel 24 hours later. However, nothing prevents you from looking into other areas or change the category of the hotel  in the following hours . Importantly : the value of the room will only be taken from your credit card  if the bet is accepted .
You can even book your hotel in the " Express Deals " tab , with discounts up to 55 % . In this section , such as Hotwire , the name of the hotel is hidden and will be chosen according to the stars and elected area . The Priceline also has the " normal" option to reserve hotels in "sale " as happens nowadays in with Booking.com " Deal Value " option.

Are there risks ?

Yes you can leave a hotel you do not like; stay with the worst room in the hotel; not able to choose the type of bed and generally the money is not refunded in case of change in dates .

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