terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2014

Bordeaux - Trip -

We left early, with the focus to arrive at Bordeaux around 12 am. 
Arriving there, we had lunch, did the check in and went to discover the city. 
I just want to say: the city is stunning! Have a Parisian mystic in a reduced scale, is a small Paris. France is undoubtedly a fantastic country. The more I visite,  the more I wanna visite! 

I visited, by day and by night, the Place de la Bourse and its water mirror. The palace is reflected in the water and it is possible to get exceptional photos.

We saw the Place de la Comédie, where is the Opera House, the heart of the city!

We visited the Porte Cailhau and Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux. 
In the historic center of Bordeaux resists four city gates, the most beautiful is the Porte Cailhau. Built between 1493 and 1496 to honor King Charles VIII after the defeat of the Italians. The remaining five ports are located a few meters from Porte Cailhau, highlighting the Grosse Cloche.

We walk in busy streets, with particular emphasis on the street Santa Catarina.

We saw the tower Pey-Berland, Notre Dame English church and the Ville Hotel.

We walked in the Public Garden, which contains a great terrace to relax on sunny days and temperatures above 22 º C. And Sunday was the perfect day for it!

We ate macaroons and the sweet typical of Bordeaux, Canele (caramelized sweet with a touch of vanilla and rum).

We drank wine and went to the famous store, L'intendant, to buy a few bottles. In this shop as you move up the stairs,from floor to floor, the wine is more expensive and therefore they have more years. We stayed on the ground floor and brought some bottles for 9 and15 €,  with 5 years!

In the comming back trip, we stopped in Biarritz to enjoy the setting sun, in the sea.

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