terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Paris #2 macarons

I love Paris and all that it concerns!
Today saw a photo of Ladurée's macarons from Ladurée and started salivating . For those unaware, the Ladurée is one of the oldest houses of making macarons in Paris .
In Portugal , whenever I looked at a showcase of wares and saw the macarons, it felt a bomb of butter combined with a little touch of dye.
Well, my friends, but since I tasted them in Paris, i don't want anything more. And worst of all is that I still can not find the perfection like the Ladurée's macarons .
I've walked looking for recipes - yes, because if they want to get away from me , oh my boys , I'll put hands on and have found the Ladurée recipe book, but I'm afraid to venture me. I know I would have to make some adjustments because the recipe is not the choco ones , yes chocolate!, because here in this body only comes made ​​of chocolate, no hypothesis, which is not chocolate will not go throw my throat!
But back to the method of manufacture, and if not run well ? I'm going to run to the first pastry that sells macarons, unburden the sorrows, and then ? I'll get even more frustrated because I gained a few pounds for a macarons that probably have not paid off , they weren't the ONES!


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