terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Dilemma Dilemma ... Prague, Vienna and / or Budapest?

Dilemma is the word of the day.
In the summer I will make a trip to london with my boyfriend (this will be topic for another post), and being there we want to go to another city .
We thought in Prague, no...i thought (because the lord of the house here, doesn´t do anything regarding organization, planning and surrounding logistics ).
But being in Prague, why not go to Vienna ? Vienna city so majestic, is next door  to Prague...come on let's go! But then, being in Vienna is not a bit weird not jump to Budapest !?
Well, it would be great to be able to combine everything but the budget starts to get tight ... 

I know that still messing a few mouth but, like a good woman I am , I'm already planning the trip and now I am consumed with what to do , which of the three will abdicate or if can i see all and opt for shorter visits. 

I leave here a sample of my 'hard work'...

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