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Ibis Hotel

In the previous post, I spoke about a few sites where you can book your hotel at a lower price. When I decide to make reservations on these sites, always opt for hotels of 4 and 5 stars, in order to reduce the associated risk. However, there are times when even with the discount the final value is above my budget and i decide for a Ibis Hotel.
If you are looking for a cheap place to sleep, don´t like hostels or want to avoid any risk on sites like priceline / hotwire or something without many luxuries, simple and clean...Ibis is your solution!
The Ibis family consists with three kinds of hotels. 

Ibis traditional that strives for comfort, with breakfast from 4am to 12pm and customer service 24 hours a day.

The Ibis Style hotel, has a colorful design, the breakfast is included and free extras.
Ibis Style

And then we have the Ibis Budget, for "small budget and heavy sleep", no luxuries, low cost breakfast and rooms for one to three people. The Ibis Hotel is a very economical option to expensive destinations. Is readily accomplished by forty euros per night in Paris or London. Some are far away from the city center but with public transport on hand, others not so much. Just to have an idea, I'll go to London in July and I opted for Ibis Budget for 56€/night, 4km from the city center, I think it was a great deal! 
It is important to refer that this class of Hotel, has soap / shower gel and towels, but there are no hair dryer or a bathroom called "normal", the sink is in the room, there is a shower cubicle and a toilet room with . At first it's strange but after a person becomes accustomed.
Ibis Budget

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